Smart Office Buchungssystem

Smart workspace booking

Smart desk sharing, meeting room reservation, storage and retreat options.

The world of work is changing. Hybrid work models are causing a profound change in the office. Digitalization is creating completely new opportunities. We accompany you in this change with custom-fit solutions

Desks, meeting rooms, storage space and retreats can be booked completely flexibly from home on the web, on the road with an app or in the office via a digital kiosk.

Smart Office Buchungssystem

Display of available workplaces in 3D floor plan


Direct booking of the desired workplace in the 3D view

Smart Office

Smart Office in practice

Smart Office Statusanzeige

LED display indicates the availability of the desk

Softwaregesteuertes Schließfachsystem

Management of storage space via Smart Office


Booking a locker using the kiosk system


Here you will find answers to questions about the Smart Office System. We are also happy to answer your questions personally.

Smart Office

Is Smart Office just another term for desk sharing?

No: Desk sharing is just one option that results from a holistic smart office system. Other advantages of the system include: stress-free integration of home offices, a reduction in office workstations, optimization of hygiene factors, booking options for conference rooms and retreat options, and even the integration of e-charging stations.

Is desk sharing possible without stress for the users?

Yes, because a completely new booking and management system enables simple and clear administration of the available workspaces – including integration of charging stations for e-cars, booking of lockers and much more, if desired.

What applications are possible with the Smart Office system besides desk sharing?

The applications are almost limitless and can be customized to meet your company’s needs. Some examples are:

  • Desk booking and management via mobile app, digital kiosk or web interface.
  • Integration of storage space (e.g. booking of lockers for personal belongings)
  • Contactless handover of vehicle pool keys via the booking system
  • Reservation of tables and menus in the canteen
  • Booking e-charging stations for charging cars
  • Automatic workstation reservation when checking in at work
How does the booking system work?

The provision of individual tables, lockers or entire conference rooms for individual employees works at the click of the mouse with simple handling, and completely flexibly from home on the web, on the road with an app or at the company via a digital kiosk. Controllable hygiene measures for companies are included – the system signals to cleaning staff, for example, which places have been in use and need thorough cleaning.

What are the benefits of a smart office system for the company?

A smart office system makes it possible to reduce the number of office workstations and thus reclaim space. On the one hand, this allows office space to be used for more efficient work (designated collaboration areas, retreat options), and on the other hand, a gain in space reduces your company’s rental costs.