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Holistic consulting, virtual planning, sensible conception, state-of-the-art products, individually adaptable technology, reliable installation and comprehensive relocation management. Whether you need comprehensive office planning for your rooms or just some new office furniture – we are here for you.

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At office_m in Munich, you can get everything you need for office furnishings from a single source: from classic loose furnishings with height-adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs with active seating, to stylish lighting, exceptional greenery and functional shading, to design-oriented acoustic optimization.

New Work München

New Work

What the term New Work stands for. What the office of the future will look like and what can be accomplished best where.

Click here for our comprehensive look at New Work.

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This is where you will find inspiration for workplaces, meeting rooms, receptions, executive offices, kitchens, canteens, room design, lounges, seminars and swivel chairs.

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office_m has long-standing cooperations with many manufacturers. We will find the optimal solution for you from our extensive portfolio.

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How does office_m approach the planning of office furnishings?

office_m in Munich prepares an individual needs analysis and checks the feasibility of the requirements in relation to the given space, e.g. whether 1/3 stationary workstations and 2/3 desk-sharing workstations, a large meeting room, collaboration and retreat zones can be implemented in the existing space.

Subsequently, the space concept is created with planning of the individual office furniture, the holistic office furnishing and the individual office equipment – including room formation, acoustic planning, lighting, shading, color and greening.

In addition to office furniture, office furnishings and office equipment, office_m also takes care of the planning of the management of all software requirements for hybrid work models with a tool called Smart Office.

We then present your individual concept – in our showroom in Munich, or remotely with VR technology if desired.

Further Information: Planning and Design


What is the advantage of presenting office equipment with VR technology in our showroom in Munich?

The virtual reality presentation in our showroom in Munich gives you an authentic feeling of space. In a virtual walk-through of your new rooms, you will experience how our planning of your office furnishing works.

You get a realistic impression of your office furniture, in terms of layout, arrangement and colors of the selected products.

More Information: VR-Planning

Will office_m also take care of my relocation?

Yes, as a full service provider for office furniture in Munich, office_m offers everything from one source. We offer custom-fit planning, conception, recording of all inventory and relocation including cable management, presentation technology and the networkability of your workstations in a fixed time frame – in Munich, but also nationwide.

Further Information: Relocation Management

New Work and Hybrid Work

What does the term “New Work” stand for and what role does the topic of “Smart Office” play in this?

New Work is a collective term used to describe various alternative work models and forms. The term is used in connection with flexible forms of work, for example. The topic of “Smart Office”, which allows the optimal management of flexible work models, is a logical consequence of this. Smart Office thus refers in particular to special office equipment.

As a smart office system, we at office_m in Munich rely on the “Assman Smart” system developed by Assmann Büromöbel, which works web-based and can therefore be used on all end devices and at any time.

The certified sustainably producing German company uses the system itself in-house. Daily use drives continuous further development. Thus, customers also benefit from the current experience of the office furniture manufacturer.

Visit us in our showroom in Munich for a first insight into the system.

Further information: Smart Office

Is Smart Office just another term for desk sharing?

No: Desk sharing is just one option that results from a holistic smart office system. Further advantages of this technology-based system of innovative office equipment are: stress-free integration of home office, a reduction of office workstations, optimization of hygiene factors, booking options of conference rooms and retreat options up to the integration of e-charging stations.

We would be happy to present examples of this to you at any time – on site in our showroom in Munich or also via teams, as it suits you better.

Further information: Smart Office

Is desk sharing possible without stress for the users?

Yes, because a completely new booking and management system enables simple and clear administration of the available workspaces – including integration of charging stations for e-cars, booking of lockers and much more, if desired.

Visit our showroom in Munich, where we will be happy to provide you with advice on the subject of optimized office furnishings.

Further information: Smart Office

What applications are possible with the Smart Office system besides desk sharing?

The applications are almost limitless and can be customized to meet your company’s needs. Some examples are:

  • Desk booking and management via mobile app, digital kiosk or web interface.
  • Integration of storage space (e.g. booking of lockers for personal belongings)
  • Contactless handover of vehicle pool keys via the booking system
  • Reservation of tables and menus in the canteen
  • Booking e-charging stations for charging cars
  • Automatic workstation reservation when checking in at work

Come by office_m in Munich, we will be happy to show you live how the system works.

Further information: Smart Office

How does the booking system work?

The provision of individual tables, lockers or entire conference rooms for individual employees works at the click of the mouse with simple handling, and completely flexibly from home on the web, on the road with an app or at the company via a digital kiosk. Controllable hygiene measures for companies are included – the system signals to cleaning staff, for example, which places have been in use and need thorough cleaning.

Visit office_m in Munich – we will be happy to show you live how the system works.

Further information: Smart Office

What are the benefits of a smart office system for the company?

A smart office system makes it possible to reduce the number of office workstations and thus reclaim space. On the one hand, this allows office space to be used for more efficient work (designated collaboration areas, retreat options), and on the other hand, a gain in space reduces your company’s rental costs.

How exactly can such a planning look like? We will be happy to show you examples, come and visit us in our showroom in Munich.

Further information: Smart Office

Permanent workplaces – or can you do without them?

The good news – everything can, but at least not everything has to go. Because if work areas are task-related in the future, there will still be a need for a fixed workstation for certain areas: reception, secretarial, accounting, or facility management are some classic examples of special work-related office equipment.

They will continue to provide the fixed points in the office, a bit like in a planetary system. They are fixed points of contact for project teams, sales colleagues and other departments. These employees do not necessarily need their own office furniture, but look for the appropriate place according to their needs and activities. Flexible workstation changes are good for communication and therefore promote creativity.

We would be happy to show you exemplary planning – via teams or live in our showroom at Donnersberger Brücke in Munich.

Lighting & Light Quality

What kind of lighting should an office have?

Different light sources are the be-all and end-all for well-lit rooms. The mixture of indirect alongside direct light makes the subtle difference. Our showroom in Munich is equipped with the most diverse lighting variations, which we will be happy to demonstrate to you.

Good general lighting is primarily achieved with recessed and ceiling luminaires. Wall luminaires and spotlights, on the other hand, direct the eye selectively to individual elements of the room design. Soft mood lighting invites you to linger as needed. Functional lighting directly at the workplace, on the other hand, can meet the individual needs of employees.

Visit us at Donnersberger Brücke in Munich – we at office_m will be happy to assist you!

Why is lighting quality so important in office design?

Good light means better quality of life.

Our body strongly aligns its biorhythm with the day-night cycle.  A functional light source with daylight quality can therefore have a significant influence on our well-being. Brightness or light color also play a decisive role in whether we feel good or can concentrate well.

Come to our showroom in Munich and see for yourself how important good lighting quality is for office furnishings!

What to consider when choosing luminaires?

In general, there are three values that are relevant when choosing luminaires:

  • Illuminance (measured in lux)
  • Luminous flux (measured in lumens)
  • Color temperature (measured in Kelvin)

For color temperature, the higher the value, the cooler the lighting effect. Warm, soft and dimmed light gives a feeling of comfort and makes us relax. Bright, cool light and daylight, on the other hand, clearly promote concentration and we are more attentive.

We can show you the differences and variation possibilities live – just come to our showroom in Munich!

What is the key to good light planning?

Light is an often underestimated factor in space planning and is often neglected in office furnishing. However, lighting can be used especially functionally or decoratively.

Proper light is crucial for well-being and concentration as well as performance.

However, light also creates a tension between the interior and the room’s architecture – so the entire office interior can be shown off to good advantage, but individual pieces of office furniture can also be effectively showcased. Take a look at how we at office_m in Munich have integrated this for our own office with showroom!


What are the benefits of height-adjustable desks?

Regularly alternating between standing and sitting activates the muscles and the cardiovascular system, thus preventing physical ailments. The installation of stand-sit workstations thus ensures a reduction in sick leave.

The furnishing of stand-sit workstations thus ensures a reduction in absenteeism. Ergonomically beneficial office furniture thus provides more variety and activity. At office_m office equipment in Munich, this is more than just office furniture for the showroom – we use our height-adjustable desks every day!

Does the right desk have an effect on performance?

Those who regularly alternate between standing and sitting with the right office furniture use more muscles than when sitting and get their circulation going.

Working while standing promotes blood supply to the brain and increases employees’ concentration and performance by up to 20%. So ergonomically optimized office equipment is definitely an advantage!


How does room formation with glass partitions work?

First of all, planning is done according to your preferences – our team clarifies the layout of the space with you, your individual design wishes (e.g. contrasts, color tones, lettering) as well as further requirements for the glass partition walls (e.g. double glazing, modularity). Subsequently, we take care of the implementation according to your individual ideas.

Further Information: Partition Walls

What are the benefits of an Open Space concept?

Open space concepts also change the classic office layout: designated themed areas with individual office furnishings are created on central middle zones, effectively changing the spatial concept. Concepts for New Work, desk sharing and hybrid work models are particularly suitable for this. But areas with retreat options for concentrated work, such as cubes and telephone booths, can also be accommodated there centrally and easily accessible.

Further Information: Open Space

What are the possibilities of planting greenery in an office environment?

From low-maintenance moss walls to privacy screens made of ivy or bamboo to a vertical plant wall with a sophisticated watering system – the options for office greening are as varied as the customers’ preferences

What are the advantages of greenery in the office?

The air in the room becomes fresher, because plants act as a natural air filter: they absorb CO2 and enrich the air with oxygen. At the same time, they dampen sound and the greenery can also be used as a privacy screen. Plants also lead to stress reduction and also loosen up the functional impression of offices.

Customized office furniture – at office_m in Munich

At office_m in Munich you will find high-quality office equipment and full service: We will provide you with advice on office furnishings and supply you with the right office furniture. Only two S-Bahn stops away from the main station in Munich, we will show you the latest trends in office furnishings and office equipment in our office furniture showroom at Donnersberger Brücke in Munich. On request, we can also show you examples of office equipment with Smart Office in another showroom of one of our office furniture partners, just a few minutes walk away, at Hackerbrücke in Munich. No matter if your company is located directly in Munich, in the greater Munich area or in the vicinity of Munich – we from office_m are there for you and support you in all questions around the topic office furniture.


Office furniture for every need – everything from one source

We offer everything you need for office furniture: from classic loose furniture, equipment for reception areas and conference rooms to height-adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs. Further office equipment includes stylish lighting, extraordinary greenery and functional shading up to design-oriented acoustic optimization. We can also present innovative solutions for open-space offices in our showroom in Munich: flexible glass partitions, acoustic elements with integrated lighting and soundproofed Work Pods with full equipment. Visit us and see for yourself – office_m in Munich offers you not only office furnishings, but everything that good spaces need.