Virtual Planning Munich

We provide virtual space planning for all scenarios and for every demand.

No matter whether you are moving, expanding your business premises or re-equipping your current premises: The essential advantage is that you can experience your rooms in realistic dimensions before they exist.

Your advantages with virtual planning from office_m

VR allows you to assess exactly how your furnishings will look in the actual room: you will see whether the room will feel cramped or spacious. VR gives you an authentic feeling as to whether your meeting room could tolerate a table for 18 people or not. In short: you can experience the room effect in authentic dimensions and there are no surprises.

Your floor plan is the basis for the virtual room

We create the virtual tour of your rooms as part of the regular planning process – there is no additional work for you. After recording your current situation and your requirements, we plan the furnishing of your rooms in Munich according to the guidelines of the workplace directive, your budget and your individual design wishes – all based on the floor plan. Subsequently, we invite you to a virtual tour. You will now experience your rooms in realistic dimensions. We can respond immediately to any change requests, so you will not experience any surprises during the actual implementation.

office_m-Planung Büromöbel München

Floor plan: the basis for VR planning

office_m-Planung Büromöbel München

Furniture planning

Creation of the furnishing plan

On the basis of this data we create a 3D model of your rooms. For this purpose, we zone your space into the different areas. We then equip these areas virtually: with furniture, lighting, acoustic elements or whatever your space may need. In doing so, we take into account both functional and aesthetic aspects. In addition, ergonomic needs and requirements for light and acoustic planning are also taken into account.

Your new space: the virtual presentation

As soon as our furnishing proposal is completed, we will invite you to our showrooms in Munich. Here you will experience your newly designed rooms in a new dimension. We guarantee an extremely authentic feeling of your space. With our system you are able to realistically estimate proportions and experience your room as if it was already equipped with new furniture.