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Our New Work Series

Originally published as a series on our social media channels – now also on our website.

What will the office of the future look like? And what can best be done where? Here you will find a comprehensive insight into the topic of New Work:

Reception, secretariat, accounting, or facility management are some classic examples. They will continue to provide the fixed points in the office, a bit like in a planetary system. They are a fixed point of contact for project teams, sales colleagues and other departments. These employees look for the most suitable place according to their needs and activities. After all, flexible workstation changes are good for communication and in turn promote creativity.

New Work München
New Work

Desk sharing and coworking

always together and never alone?

Gray movable walls and a tiny space? Not here!

Flipcharts, pinboards and whiteboards – much of which is also available purely digitally – are here for the creative exchange of ideas. The areas can be flexibly separated and are always available.

The classic conference room will not be missing in the future – it is still best suited for formal meetings or team sessions and offers space for meetings and presentations for and with customers and can be booked as needed.

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Privacy in the Box

Is modern retro again?

Catchword telephone boxes – small, practical, individual!

For this purpose, there are special retreat areas – the Quiet Zones. These are located somewhat off the beaten track and offer optically and acoustically shielded, fully equipped individual workstations for focused work.

Phone calls, video calls and conversations are not conducted here – anyone who spends time here does not want to be disturbed.

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Networking Zones

Coffee bar and lounge area invite you in!

A coffee bar with a cozy counter and bar stools is the ideal place for casual, informal encounters and networking with colleagues.

Here there are several options in the office: special areas with integrated fitness elements or at least the integration of special office furniture.

Some companies offer their employees a complete fitness studio. But height-adjustable stand-sit tables with integrated Smart Office technology, ergonomic swivel chairs with 3D mechanics and standing mats with topographic structure also provide movement.

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The office remains

– as a point of identification for employees.

The office should be a place that motivates employees to collaborate, lures them out of the home office and offers them a quiet place for concerted work: the home base for all employees.