Planning and Design

Work is changing. And with it the demands on office space, its planning and design.

Our working world is currently undergoing more change than ever before. Work no longer takes place exclusively at the desk, but we choose those work locations that suit our current activity. Activity-based working is increasingly being implemented by established companies and is no longer just the new-work philosophy of young start-ups.


We will receive or create a floor plan of your space.

Objektausstattung & New Work

Subsequently, we design a furniture concept …


and create floor plans, …


top views …


as well as detailed views.

office_m Referenz Alvarez & Marsal

And this is what it looks like when our planning becomes reality.

On request, we can also present the planning to you using virtual reality.


In order to meet the demands of agile working, it is more necessary than ever to design and plan your office space as flexibly as possible, also in view of the rent and real estate prices in metropolitan areas such as Munich.

The challenge in planning is to zone and design space so that collaboration and exchange can take place as effectively and safely as possible. Existing work processes, routines and needs must be analyzed, and office space must be reorganized and adapted.

There is no such thing as the ideal office – rather, it is important to identify different types of work and, based on this, to create a user-oriented working environment. Together with you, we analyze your individual requirements and thus lay the foundation for optimal planning. Take advantage of our expertise and many years of experience in the areas of space optimization, acoustic improvement and lighting. In our exhibition in Arnulfpark Munich, we plan and design your new rooms according to current specifications and workplace guidelines.

Further examples of what our planning looks like in implementation

Büromöbel München Planung

Design of the meeting room

office_m cityparking besprechung

Implementation of the meeting room

office_m cityparking rend_flur

Lighting design

office_m cityparking flur

Lighting implementation

office_m cityparking rend_foyer

Design of the waiting area

office_m cityparking foyer

Waiting area implementation

office_m cityparking rend_kueche

Kitchen design


Kitchen implementation